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Disobedient Media started as a loose collaboration of half dozen independent researchers in 2016 under the lead of Editor-in-Chief William Craddick, who started the civil investigation into human trafficking brought about by the release of The Podesta Emails by Wikileaks. Labeled by the media as "pizzagate" at the time, the civil investigation has opened the eyes of many citizens to corruption and scandals in and around media, entertainment, and government groups.

We seek to provide well sourced research analyzed with a fresh perspective. Our mission is to return integrity to the field of journalism: a profession which in recent years has become more about show business and narrative creating rather than objective reporting of the truth. We hope to provide Americans and people people around the world with true, factual news that media organizations elsewhere neglect or refuse to offer.

For tips, business or any other type of inquiry contact Disobedient Media:

Email: disobedientmedia@protonmail.com

You may also contact the Disobedient Media editorial staff through their personal email listed below.

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Disobedient Media is working to bring honesty and integrity back into journalism. We will work hard to always stay independent and deliver articles void of hidden agenda.

To do this though, we have to ditch the conventional funding methods and rely on our readers direct support. For now we started a GoFundMe and are humbly asking you to donate