Reddit Caught Censoring Posts Using The Term “Rothschild”

It’s the latest chapter of the long, documented saga of Reddit censorship against various forms of political speech over the past several years. In a humorous development, Reddit’s admin team has been caught censoring posts using the term “Rothschild.”

Users on pro-Trump subreddit r/the_donald began noticing the censorship several days ago after a humorous tweet from Lynn de Rothschild on February 21st, 2017 lampooned John Podesta for his work managing Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election campaign. A test conducted by Disobedient Media on February 23rd has confirmed that Reddit is indeed censoring content referencing the name of the famous banking family.

A sample post referencing the term was immediately archived after submission. Despite being posted “just now” or under one minute prior, the archive revealed that a filter on Reddit had removed the text of the post and hidden it from the “new” section of r/the_donald. The original post and the text can be seen here:

When the account which made the post is logged in, the original text still appears in the body as if the post was not censored. This means that a user might not immediately notice that their posting had been removed.

It is not known at this time why Reddit is censoring posts referencing the Rothschild family name.

Editor’s Note: Other posts around Reddit appear to not be censored, indicating that the script removing post information mentioning the term “Rothschild” may be targeting r/the_donald exclusively. Reddit’s admin team and CEO Steve Huffman have singled the pro-Trump subreddit out exclusively for censorship in the past.

Research Indicates Massive ISIS Networks In Europe While Europol Warns Of Imminent Attacks

In December 2016, Europol released a statement warning that ISIS was likely to soon enact plans to stage large scale terror attacks in multiple states across the EU. The operations have been planned since 2013 but are now being accelerated due to ISIS’ territorial losses in the Middle East to coalition forces.

Research by Disobedient Media indicates that ISIS maintains a massive network of operatives throughout the EU. This network is primarily comprised of combat veterans and command figures from Syria and Iraq in addition to organized criminal networks controlled by recruits of the terror group. ISIS maintains established control over many impoverished neighborhoods throughout Europe and has access to a large number of weapons and equipment provided by criminal enterprises in Southern and Eastern Europe. If confirmed, the research indicates that ISIS may in fact be planning to commit a high casualty terror event within the next one to two years, possibly attempting to capture ground in Europe while doing so.

Continue reading “Research Indicates Massive ISIS Networks In Europe While Europol Warns Of Imminent Attacks”

Feds Make Record Gains On Human Trafficking As Global Networks Broken Up

While the mainstream media’s attention has been fixed on political drama in Washington D.C., federal and state law enforcement have been quietly working to dismantle a shockingly large number of human trafficking and child abuse networks across the United States. The busts in America come at the same time as a number of other successful international law enforcement operations against networks engaging in human trafficking of women and children.

Since the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20th, 2017, the number of trafficking arrests for human trafficking in 2017 have doubled the total numbers provided for the entire year of 2014 by the Department of Justice. Each individual law enforcement operation has been listed below for reader convenience: Continue reading “Feds Make Record Gains On Human Trafficking As Global Networks Broken Up”

Oroville Dam Disaster Is Latest In Series Of CA Government Corruption, Environmental Failures

On February 13th, 2017 residents in Oroville, CA, were given a last second, panicked directive to evacuate their homes and flee the area due to concerns that the Oroville dam was about to imminently fail. At the time of this article, the dam has still not yet failed. Should it fail though, California’s government may face tough questions about their failure to adequately prepare for a disaster they had been warned about for over a decade.

California negligently failed to make preparations for the inevitable end to a major drought which had been occurring since 2011. For 12 years, environmental groups had warned federal and state officials that the dam was likely to experience structural issues in the event of heavy rains and flooding. Continue reading “Oroville Dam Disaster Is Latest In Series Of CA Government Corruption, Environmental Failures”

George Soros Funded Think Tank Attacks Disobedient Media Over EU Coverage

It took just a few months for Disobedient Media to go from a sleepy news outlet to apparently garnering the attention of multiple power brokers on the global stage.

On February 10th, 2017, an article distributed by the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensics Lab attacked research published by Disobedient Media concerning the EU and added the Atlantic Council to a line of media houses and other outlets who deny the Wikileaks and Harvard Human Rights Journal supported research collected and published by Disobedient Media exposing the role that the Clintons and Department of State played in helping Laura Silsby and her co-conspirators off the hook after they were caught smuggling children illegally out of Haiti.

The Atlantic Council has accepted donations from funds owned by George Soros and a multitude of other foreign and domestic special interest groups, pushed harmful and imperialistic neoconservative political viewpoints to intellectuals and readers and promoted “black propaganda” now debunked by the intelligence community claiming that Russia was likely to hack the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections, and that Wikileaks is a pawn of the Russian government. Continue reading “George Soros Funded Think Tank Attacks Disobedient Media Over EU Coverage”

Trump Administration Releases Copy Of Senate Torture Report

On February 10th, 2017, Donald Trump’s Justice Department delivered an unredacted copy of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Detention and Interrogation Program to a federal court vault after it was requested via court order, according to legal documents.

The report outlined Senate criticisms of the Bush administration’s “War on Terror” in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the World Trade Centers and Pentagon building. The damning report documents abuses in the CIA program indicating that intelligence officers waterboarded, rectally abused captives and held at least 119 foreign prisoners out of reach of the International Red Cross or attorneys. Continue reading “Trump Administration Releases Copy Of Senate Torture Report”

NGO fleet bussing migrants into the EU has ties to George Soros, Hillary Clinton Donors

In November 2016, a number of NGO’s were revealed by independent European news source GEFIRA to be smuggling migrants from the northern coast of Africa across the Mediterranean into the EU using a ramshackle fleet of ships. Research by Disobedient Media shows that a number of the organizations sponsoring ships in the armada are funded in part by Hillary Clinton donors and organizations run by billionaire George Soros. The actions taken by sponsors of ships in the fleet may be illegal under EU law and possibly run the risk of aiding ISIS operatives hiding among the migrant population. Continue reading “NGO fleet bussing migrants into the EU has ties to George Soros, Hillary Clinton Donors”

Trump signs Executive Order to Combat Transnational Criminal Organizations, International Trafficking

On the heels of Senator Jeff Sessions’ confirmation as Attorney General, Donald Trump has signed an executive order calling for the enforcement of Federal law with respect to transnational criminal organizations and preventing international trafficking. The order specifically mentions a number of criminal enterprises that international drug cartel, trafficking and terror groups engage in including:

  • Illegal smuggling and trafficking of humans, drugs or other substances, wildlife, and weapons
  • Corruption, cybercrime, fraud, financial crimes, and intellectual-property theft
  • The illegal concealment or transfer of proceeds derived from such illicit activities

Trump specifically directed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly to coordinate their efforts in combatting criminal enterprises. The executive order will provide American officials with a clear mandate to begin combatting crime. Continue reading “Trump signs Executive Order to Combat Transnational Criminal Organizations, International Trafficking”

The Clintons assisted Goldman Sachs and Angela Merkel in The Greek Financial Crisis

It’s a story that has been told many times in part, but not in total. While Goldman Sachs’ role in helping to create the environment for Greece’s government-debt crisis is well known, less discussion is given to the role the Clinton family played in helping Angela Merkel to consolidate political control of Greece while also assisting Goldman as it continued to benefit from the meltdown once austerity measures had begun. The Clintons appear to have received funds from both Germany and Goldman Sachs during this period.

I. Goldman Sachs was responsible for Greece’s economic Collapse

Goldman Sachs is generally blamed for having a hand in intentionally causing Greece’s 2008 financial crisis. Observers have noted that the financial group was instrumental in helping to arrange a secret loan of 2.8 billion euros for Greece, disguised as an off-the-books “cross-currency swap” – a complicated transaction in which Greece’s foreign-currency debt was converted into a domestic-currency obligation using a fictitious market exchange rate. This allowed Greece to hide 2% of its debt but left it immediately in a much worse position after the effects of 9/11 caused the amount Greece owed to Goldman double. Continue reading “The Clintons assisted Goldman Sachs and Angela Merkel in The Greek Financial Crisis”

Questions Remain As Shifting Narrative, Conflicting Testimony Indicates Cover Up in Quebec Terror Incident

Witness statements and reports which conflict with the Canadian government’s account of what occurred during the tragic January 29th, 2017 Quebec terror attack at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City raise questions about what actually happened the night of the tragedy.

The evidence indicates that contrary to the official narrative, there was more than one gunman and multiple weapons were captured in the possession of arrestees. Media outlets also were so eager to claim the incident was caused by white supremacists that they were fooled into reporting false information from parody news accounts on twitter. Continue reading “Questions Remain As Shifting Narrative, Conflicting Testimony Indicates Cover Up in Quebec Terror Incident”