TRUMP: “Solving the human trafficking epidemic is a priority for my administration” (VIDEO)

On February 23rd, 2017, President Donald Trump held a listening session with anti-human trafficking experts. President Trump announced his commitment to combatting human trafficking, initiating the listening session by stating that “Solving the human trafficking epidemic is a priority for my administration.”

Trump confirmed that the federal government had ramped up efforts to stifle human trafficking in the past four weeks stating, “. . . men and women across the federal government have focused on this for some time . . . it’s been much more focused over the last four weeks, I can tell you that.” A recent report by Disobedient Media listing a number of human trafficking busts since January 20th appears to confirm President Trump’s claim.

It seems that the President is planning to involve both national and international coalitions in a bid to fight rampant criminal trafficking networks. Donald Trump mentioned that human trafficking has become a “modern phenomena because of the internet.”


Details to come.

Trump signs Executive Order to Combat Transnational Criminal Organizations, International Trafficking

On the heels of Senator Jeff Sessions’ confirmation as Attorney General, Donald Trump has signed an executive order calling for the enforcement of Federal law with respect to transnational criminal organizations and preventing international trafficking. The order specifically mentions a number of criminal enterprises that international drug cartel, trafficking and terror groups engage in including:

  • Illegal smuggling and trafficking of humans, drugs or other substances, wildlife, and weapons
  • Corruption, cybercrime, fraud, financial crimes, and intellectual-property theft
  • The illegal concealment or transfer of proceeds derived from such illicit activities

Trump specifically directed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly to coordinate their efforts in combatting criminal enterprises. The executive order will provide American officials with a clear mandate to begin combatting crime. Continue reading “Trump signs Executive Order to Combat Transnational Criminal Organizations, International Trafficking”

Feminism Has Been Hijacked By Outside Interests

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines feminism as:
1. 1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
2. 2: organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests

Feminism is described as an organized movement, a “political theory,” including political activity for the benefit of women’s rights and furtherance of equality. Most feminists would argue they are working to improve the lives of women. But who exactly organizes the political activity at the center of contemporary feminism, and what are the real motivations behind these groups?

When reviewing the political movement as a whole, especially in light of the recent Women’s March, one quickly finds glaring evidence that the political movement known as feminism has been hijacked by interests whose work opposes or ignores women’s rights. Continue reading “Feminism Has Been Hijacked By Outside Interests”

The Art Of The New Deal: How Trump Is Using Mexican Company Cemex’s Concrete To Build The Wall And Profit Both Countries

The press has been ablaze with reports that Mexico is stonewalling against Trump’s demands that they pay, in one form or another, for the wall. Some speculate that the wall will not be built at all. But research by Disobedient Media indicates that not only will the wall be built, but that it has strong support among certain Mexican business interests such as cement producer Cemex who has been actively lobbying to ensure that Trump and his allies take office and begin construction.

I. Cemex Is Best Positioned To Benefit From The Wall, And Does Not Have A Major Competitor In The United States

According to information published by the Global Cement Directory, Cemex is the largest producer of cement in North American and does not have any American competitors of equal size. Continue reading “The Art Of The New Deal: How Trump Is Using Mexican Company Cemex’s Concrete To Build The Wall And Profit Both Countries”

Trump Files With FEC For 2020 Election Bid, Outmaneuvers Nonprofit Organizations

A document from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) indicates that Donald Trump took steps last week to outmaneuver nonprofit organizations, leaving them unable to officially campaign against him over the next few years of his Presidency.

Filed on January 20th, 2017, the letter states that, while not an official announcement for reelection, Donald Trump has filed an FEC Form 2 in order to “ensure compliance with the Federal Election Campaign Act.” This is an unprecedented, although legal, move for the President to make. Barack Obama did not file for his 2012 re-election bid until April 2011. Having filed (even if not formally announcing a bid) as a candidate, Trump would be able to coordinate with PACs and other similar organizations. Continue reading “Trump Files With FEC For 2020 Election Bid, Outmaneuvers Nonprofit Organizations”

Gab CCO Utsav Sanduja On Censorship, Monopolistic Abuse And Social Media’s Human Rights Potential

We’re no longer living in the 1990’s and the age of computer science major-driven startups which various entrepreneurs grew out of their garages to become transnational conglomerates. Tech groups now permeate every aspect of our lives. Their products document our day to day existence, they keep us in instant touch with each other and follow most of us around in our pockets. It’s an exciting change in humanity’s existence with potential for both great good, and great evil as well.

As these corporations have grown, however, they seem to have forgotten their initial dedication to fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and freedom of speech. Ramping up to a new level of intensity during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, the online censorship which some have argued should be an expected “price of admission” users must pay to use social media. But others do not share that view, and the numbers show it. Continue reading “Gab CCO Utsav Sanduja On Censorship, Monopolistic Abuse And Social Media’s Human Rights Potential”

Trump Administration takes a step back on executive order, Dept of Homeland Security states ‘entry of lawful permanent residents’ to be allowed

Legal residents holding green cards will now be allowed legal entry into the United States. In an apparent attempt to reach a realistic compromise on President Trump’s executive orders concerning immigration from countries compromised by terrorism, Secretary John Kelly from the Department of Homeland Security issued the following statement:

In applying the provisions of the president’s executive order, I hereby deem the entry of lawful permanent residents to be in the national interest.

Accordingly, absent the receipt of significant derogatory information indicating a serious threat to public safety and welfare, lawful permanent resident status will be a dispositive factor in our case-by-case determinations.

Continue reading “Trump Administration takes a step back on executive order, Dept of Homeland Security states ‘entry of lawful permanent residents’ to be allowed”

Protests Lack Enthusiasm, Pro-Trump Website Hacked after Inauguration

Despite desperate calls for Trump’s assassination in the lead-up the Inauguration, the event went smoothly on Friday. Expectations of mass protests proved largely unfounded, as participants seemed few in number and definitively lacking in motivation. Clashes with police took place and fires were ignited, a limo was in flames at one point and shop windows in various districts of Washington D.C. were shattered. Ultimately the day was symbolized by a good Samaritan Trump supporter  who extinguished the flames.

Meanwhile, anti Trump protesters were epitomized by a group of “atheist Satanists” who appeared remarkably lackadaisical as they marched in DC after the inauguration. As of the time of this writing 217 protesters had been arrested by DC police while six officers were injured by protesters. More protests including the Women's March are scheduled to take place tomorrow, which should see increased enthusiasm in mostly dispirited groups in the streets today.

Popular pro-Trump subreddit r/the_donald was also defaced later in the day when a moderator account appeared to have been hacked, altering the site's CSS to display hardcore pornography featuring animals. Although the source of the hack remains unknown at this time, it appears to related to general anger among anti-Trump elements that President Trump was safely and calmly inaugurated. The hack follows shocking media references alluding to assassination attempts.




Hollywood Tantrum Escalates

Hollywood and corporate media continue to rage at their loss of control over America as the Trump inauguration approaches. Drawn out infantile diatribes daily escalate in volume and hypocritical intensity, from Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe hypocrisy to Rosie O’Donnell’s recent statements supporting martial law.

Despite establishment success in Clinton’s defeat of Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary race, corporate media and Hollywood continue to deride any voting population disobedient to their will. Meanwhile the party line narrative becomes increasingly out of touch with reality. CNN even went as far as to incorrectly admonish viewers that reading wikileaks Podesta emails was “illegal”.

Among recent narcissistic Hollywood attempts to portray itself as victimized is the performance by Emily Stone, Michelle Williams, Andrew Garfield and Natalie Portman of a mock version of “I will survive.”  The video portrays Hollywood actors as the victims of Trump’s success, never mind the democratic process. Meanwhile New York Magazine published a story in late November 2016, titled: “Natalie Portman is Jackie Kennedy, in a Dark Time for the Nation.” Comparisons between Presidential assassination and Clinton’s loss may be slightly overkill, in this writer’s opinion.

Hollywood repeatedly backs the Clinton dynasty with unified vitriol for any candidate who opposes their dear leader. This applies to left-wing competitors such as Bernie Sanders, or Trump in the general election. When Sanders raised an unprecedented $44 million from small donors during his primary run, followed by Donald Trump’s win, both sides of the political spectrum rejected an establishment candidate and narratives. Elites are simultaneously panicking in the face of such unexpected disobedience while sneering at all who oppose them.

The New York Times showed a particularly unfortunate disconnect with reality when they published predictions of Hillary’s chances at winning the Presidency to be 90% on October 18. Their unfortunate title read: “Is This Election Over?”  Meanwhile Hollywood figures blatantly prostituted themselves for the Clinton campaign. Miley Cyrus went on a personal door knocking photo op, while Madonna took the joke literally and made a tongue in cheek offer to give oral sex to Hillary voters. The night before the election Lady Gaga spoke at a Clinton rally dressed in a Nazi-esque Michael Jackson jacket. Hollywood and the media establishment seemed utterly disconnected from electoral reality in the days before the election.

Madonna went so far as to release a picture of unidentified pubic hair on twitter in protest of the inauguration. I don’t think anyone has let Madonna know that media prostitution for the Clinton machine was not intended literally.

In the wake of Clinton’s loss, derision of the American voter has become unintentionally ironic as in the case of Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes tirade. She attempted to shame Trump, accusing him of “promoting violence.” Her scolding included a description of the alleged victim as: “Someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back.

However Streep had no such moral squeamishness in ‘03 when she led a standing ovation for child rapist Roman Polanski. Despite Polanski having fled the country to avoid prosecution for raping a minor, Streep enthusiastically and publicly applauded the abuser. Where was her concern for those in powerless and victimized positions at that point? Such straight-faced hypocrisy undercuts assertion of moral authority over Trump or his supporters. The power dynamic between with Polanski and the minor he raped would be more fittingly described in Streep’s statement: “Someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back.” Even the ridiculously biased Snopes had to admit that this event occurred.

Streep’s hypocrisy is overt when viewed in the context of recent media reaction to the torture of a disabled man, which was dismissed and belittled by Hollywood and news due to the victim’s political leanings. When Jordan Hill, Tesfaye Cooper, Brittany Covington, and Tanishia Covington, were charged with aggravated kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and residential burglary, Don Lemon said he “didn’t think it was evil” that a disabled individual was treated this way. Hollywood and the legacy media news outlets apparently find rape of children and abuse of the disabled morally unproblematic, depending on the adherence to groupthink of parties involved. Expectations of the public to obediently accept this brand of blatant hypocrisy being sold to them is downright laughable.

Hollywood hysteria reached a near boiling point when Rosie O’Donnell recently stated that she supported imposing “martial law” and a delay of the inauguration. These apparently ridiculous remarks show further an escalation in Hollywood’s desperate, narcissistic attempts to regain literal political control over the American people. Going so far as to advocate authoritarianism and the literal overthrow of American democracy shows only the latest chapter in Hollywood’s attempts to force their will on the public and prevent Trump’s inauguration.