Facebook Caught Auto-Censoring Controversial Content About Merkel, Zuckerberg

An attempt to share a 2-year-old article by CNBC has revealed what appears to be Facebook participation in minimizing comments made by Zuckerberg affirming his support for censorship on their platform. The article discussed comments picked up on a hot mic during a conversation between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Mark Zuckerberg where Merkel asked Zuckerberg to censor speech critical of immigrants and Zuckerberg agreed to do so. The decision by Facebook to censor news content online pertaining to comments made by their CEO raises questions about their commitment to transparency and free speech. Continue reading “Facebook Caught Auto-Censoring Controversial Content About Merkel, Zuckerberg”

Gab CCO Utsav Sanduja On Censorship, Monopolistic Abuse And Social Media’s Human Rights Potential

We’re no longer living in the 1990’s and the age of computer science major-driven startups which various entrepreneurs grew out of their garages to become transnational conglomerates. Tech groups now permeate every aspect of our lives. Their products document our day to day existence, they keep us in instant touch with each other and follow most of us around in our pockets. It’s an exciting change in humanity’s existence with potential for both great good, and great evil as well.

As these corporations have grown, however, they seem to have forgotten their initial dedication to fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and freedom of speech. Ramping up to a new level of intensity during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, the online censorship which some have argued should be an expected “price of admission” users must pay to use social media. But others do not share that view, and the numbers show it. Continue reading “Gab CCO Utsav Sanduja On Censorship, Monopolistic Abuse And Social Media’s Human Rights Potential”

Trump Throws Down Gauntlet at Globalism

Trump lashed out against establishment values and globalism in his inaugural address, returning to familiar aspects of his platform including border policy and smaller government. The new President’s remarks deepened the feud with legacy news organizations, which have recently created ominous comparisons between the newly elected President and JFK, openly fantasizing about hypothetical Trump assassination outcomes. One can only hope that Trump’s actions will (safely) follow through on his strident rhetoric when it comes to shaking up oligarchical Washington status quo and fighting globalist interests. Continue reading “Trump Throws Down Gauntlet at Globalism”