Wikileaks Publishes Vault 7 “Dark Matter” Release

Wikileaks has published the next installment in their series of documents on the CIA titled “Dark Matter.”

The release contains several documents showing various methods which CIA projects use to infect Apple Mac Computer firmware. They show that some of the infections can continue to exist on Apple computers even if the operating system is re-installed in an effort to wipe malware. The following documents were contained in the release:

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Wikileaks Releases Vault 7 “Day Zero” Leak On CIA’s Global Hacking Force

Yesterday, Wikileaks announced the release of their Vault 7 file release on Twitter. The release contains 8,761 documents from the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence. The tweet included a link to the torrent of the file along with instructions on how to access the release. Wikileaks has provided a press release and basic analysis of the Vault 7 leaks which can be viewed here.

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