In the wake of Donald Trump’s dismissal of FBI Director James Comey citing “serious mistakes” and mishandling of the Hillary Clinton investigation, emerging information appears to indicate that in the aftermath of Comey’s firing the FBI intends to begin releasing documents on the Clinton investigation and the Department of Justice may request a second look at the investigation.

This afternoon, the White House announced that James Comey would be removed as Director of the FBI upon the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Deputy Attorney Rosenstein cited Mr. Comey’s public announcement of his findings in July 2016, derogatory statements he made about Secretary Clinton at the time, his letter to Congress informing them of his decision to reopen the FBI’s investigation into Mrs. Clinton after uncovering emails on personal devices belonging to former Congressman Anthony Weiner among other actions Comey had taken which the Deputy Attorney General descripted as a violation of Comey’s obligation to “preserve, protect and defend” the traditions of the FBI.

Upon news of Comey’s removal, Julian Assange tweeted that a source within the FBI had informed him that the Bureau would begin leaking documents from the investigation. He urged the FBI to release documents in full to prevent any misrepresentations by the press. On the heels of Assange’s announcement, an additional source claimed that the Deputy Attorney General will now oversee a new Clinton probe following Comey’s dismissal, and would do so in close proximity to acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe for lack of trust.

If confirmed, the reports indicate that Comey’s firing represents a renewed focus on information pertaining to the investigation into Hillary Clinton, after the previous one was criticized by both supporters and detractors of the Former Secretary of State and Senator, both of whom painted the investigation as being either politically motivated or hampered by alleged attempts to cover up evidence of wrongdoing.

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