Earlier today, President Trump tweeted on the DNC Fraud lawsuit. The tweet alleged that former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had colluded with the Democratic party to defeat Bernie Sanders in last year’s fraught Democratic primary . Shortly afterwards, CNN and other main stream media outlets including The Washington Post and the New York Daily Post broke what has been a long running silence on the lawsuit.

The sudden publicity granted to the lawsuit by Trump’s statement on social media, as well as the following discussion by legacy media like CNN and the Washington Post was the latest in a series of compelling events during the litigation. Disobedient Media and others have discussed questions raised by the suit in relation to a number of mysterious deaths including Shawn Lucas, Seth Rich, and Beranton Whisenant Jr.

Despite this sudden publicity for the suit, Trump’s tweet was used by legacy media outlets primarily as a vehicle to discuss the oft-cited but rarely validated allegations that the President had colluded with Russia. This was in spite of what many have described as public disinterest in the topic in favor of what are seen as more pressing issues. Such coverage also refrained from discussing important developments in the case including ominous phone calls the Becks and others involved in the suit had received.

Disobedient Media had previously reported on questions raised by the DNC lawsuit in regards to mysterious deaths that have occurred in relation to the case were strengthened after the attorneys bringing the suit received a serious of mysterious phone calls, one of which was identified via caller ID as having originated from a number registered to an office of former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Disobedient Media has also reported on the Beck’s motion seeking protection for the attorneys, council, witnesses and plaintiffs in the case. The Becks specifically cited the deaths of Shawn Lucas, Seth Rich and Beranton Whisenant in their motion seeking legal protection. Jared and Elizabeth Beck have stated via social media numerous times that they believe Seth Rich may have become a material witness in their case.

The motion filed by the Becks included a statement by a plaintiff in the case reporting that her home had been entered illegally and that her computer had been tampered with. The motion was subsequently denied. The fact that the Becks chose to legally cite these cases was a significant event that legacy outlets largely did not discuss in their coverage of Trump’s latest tweet on the subject.

10 Thoughts on “After Trump Tweet, CNN Breaks Media Silence On DNC Fraud Lawsuit”

  • No. The headline is wrong — but it has been widely linked.

    There is *no* reference in any of the linked articles to the ongoing DNC fraud lawsuit currently pending a decision by Judge Zloch regarding a DNC motion to dismiss. The articles refer to old news and give the impression that this is a presumably dead issue.

    Not only does the MSM “double-down” on its silence; it further dis-informs, misinforms and manipulates.

    Google articles in the past week for “cnn dnc fraud lawsuit.” No article on CNN appears. Only this article appears and other articles which link to it.

    Please be more careful with your headlines.

  • Never thought I would appreciate a tweet from Donald Trump. No surprise the corporate mass media would use that as an opportunity to talk some more about — Russia! Russia! Russia!

  • This spotlight on the DNC legal proceedings really exposes the MSM for what it is. The ‘leaders’ of the rabidly corrupt Democratic Party COLLUDED in the most aggressive and very possibly murderous manner to defraud not only Bernie Sanders but every voter and potential voter in the United States. This is treason. But The phony Russian involvement which is relentlessly pursued by the media is nothing, NOTHING but a smokescreen, in which this same media is again colluding with the traitors.

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