Update: Scaramucci has since issued a tweet saying his statement was a “notice” that Senior Administration officials would be “helping to end illegal leaks.”

Anthony Scaramucci, the incoming White House communications director, said Wednesday evening that he will reach out to federal officials because of a financial disclosure leak, which he called a “felony.”

“In light of the leak of my financial disclosure info which is a felony. I will be contacting @FBI and the @TheJusticeDept,” he tweeted, tagging White House chief of staff Reince Priebus and adding the hashtag #swamp.

While it’s unclear why Scaramucci tagged Priebus, Priebus has been named as a potential leaker by some Trump supporters, like Roger Stone. Ryan Lizza, Washington correspondent for the New Yorker, tweeted that he can confirm that Scaramucci wants the FBI to investigate Priebus for leaking.

The “leak” Scaramucci is referring to is likely a reference to a Politico report Wednesday evening, which details Scaramucci’s financial disclosure filed with the Office of Government Ethics.

The report picks apart Scaramucci’s wealth, including assets worth as much as $85 million. It also discusses the millions of dollars Scaramucci is positioned to obtain from his ownership stake in his investment firm SkyBridge Capital. The report says Politico reached out to White House spokeswoman Natalie Strom for comment on Scaramucci’s SkyBridge investment to the Treasury Department, and that a Treasury spokeswoman, Marisol Garibay, did not immediately return requests for comment.

Scaramucci was chosen to joined the Export-Import Bank in June, but has taken unpaid leave since he started, according to the report.

Scaramucci’s accusation of an illegal leak is the latest salvo in the Trump administration’s pushback against leaks, many of which have been damaging to Trump’s ability to conduct foreign policy and stay on message.

Scaramucci has repeatedly gone on record, since it was announced within the last week that he would be joining the White House, that he is planning a crackdown on leaks.

Source: Anthony Scaramucci says he will contact feds about ‘felony’ leak of his financial disclosure

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