Wikileaks Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange tweeted extensively overnight regarding what he labeled tolerant liberals who have called for his assassination and torture. Assange called such media figures “blue-ticks.” It is not clear at this time what may have prompted the series of tweets. Assange also referenced the torture and murder of what he called “alleged sources” during the series of tweets. He also implicated Hillary Clinton in some of the references. Some understood this to be a reference to the upcoming anniversary of Seth Rich’s murder, but it is not clear at this time who Assange may have been specifically referring to.

Assange tweeted on the subject of the torture of his staff and sources. His reference to the assassination of sources as well as threats to his own life was understood by some to be a reference to the killing of Seth Rich, a DNC staffer and data analyst whose still-unsolved murder took place almost a year ago.

Assange further stated that he had received such threats as a result of attempting to inform the public:

Despite the nature of the threats Assange compiled, he joked that one had to “have fun while compiling your death threats.” Media figures and journalists Assange reported having called for his death included Morris Davis, a retired Air Force Colonel noted by Assange as a Guantanamo Chief Prosecutor and legacy media commentator. Somewhat ironically, despite calling for Assange to be assassinated, Davis has previously published material with outlets including The Guardian which defended the human rights of alleged terrorists held in Guantanamo Bay. He wrote “Where is justice for the men still abandoned in Guantánamo Bay?” One could similarly ask where the justice is for Assange, who remains in the Ecuadorian Embassy despite the United Nations having called his detention there ‘arbitrary.’

The Palmer Report likened Assange to Osama Bin Laden, tweeting that “Assange must be killed.” Comparisons between Assange, a publisher of information many establishment interests find unflattering, with Bin Laden, responsible for the murderer of thousands of Americans on 9/11, reflects the extremity with which establishment media has reacted to what it  perceives as a threat Assange represents towards their interests.

Such vitriol intensified over recent months after Wikileaks’ release of the DNC leaks, which proved damaging to former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. More recently the ongoing publication of Vault 7 angered the CIA.  During the recent series of tweets, Assange often referred to threats made towards Wikileak’s staff, as well as “alleged sources.” In one such tweet, he specifically referenced Hillary Clinton and her campaign as related to such threats and torture.

Assange also wrote that Democratic strategist Bob Beckel had called for his death on national television. Beckel had been fired by Fox News after making a racist statement earlier this year.

Evan Ross of the Public Communication Group, who has also served as the President of the Miami-Dade Young Democrats, The District Chairman of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, and received the Young Democrat of the Year (Blue Presidential Award) in 2011, expressed an explicit wish to murder Assange and Edward Snowden. Ross wrote that both Assange and Snowden “deserve to meet their maker. I’d be happy to pull the trigger on both of those too.” The Public Communication Group appears to be related to Democratic Party interests, describing itself as a private consulting firm, “committed to progressing public good through democratic ideals. We align our clients and business affairs to coincide with our socio-political values..”

That a former Chairman of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party would express such sentiments is not surprising to some, as the DNC Fraud Lawsuit currently being litigated in Southern Florida has been replete with blatant corruption, threats towards those bringing the suit, and questionable deaths, as previously reported by Disobedient Media.

Others who had called for Assange’s assassination include constitutional lawyer Martin S Friedlander, a constitutional lawyer whose social media shows not only calls to assassinate Assange and President Trump, but also personal pictures with former Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine.

Mr. Friedlander may have also used his twitter account as a platform to call for President Trump to be killed.

Friedlander’s social media included a picture posing with former Clinton running mate Tim Kaine. Somewhat ironically, he appears to have worked as a ‘human rights lawyer,’ despite calling for Assange’s death. Friedlander also appears to be running a password protected blog, FreedomOutpost.

Calls for Assange’s torture and death appeared to be commonplace for many establishment media reporters, like freelance writer Lori Grannis who has been published by Reuters. She called for Assange to be “dragged out of the Embassy” and “drawn and quartered.”

Some went so far as to call for not only the torture and killing of Assange, but also his “deputies” and their children.

Many who called for Assange’s death were predictably self-described supporters of the David Brock pet project known as “The Resistance,” as well as violent, Soros-backed ANTIFA.

Another individual who called for Assange to be assassinated was Michael Grunwald, a Senior staff writer at Politico, who has previously worked with The Boston Globe. He was a national staff writer for The Washington Post and a ‘senior national correspondent’ for Time magazine. He had also authored a book on the Obama Presidency.

Assange linked to an article written by Jonathan Levine of “Mediaite.” The article in question was titled “The Case For Droning Julian Assange.” In addition to his role as a staff writer for Mic, Levine appears to have worked as a consulting analyst for Wikistrat, lectured at a Chinese University, and has contributed to the World Economic Forum. His contribution to The National Interest included statements like, “the liberal order and the renaissance of global governance that were supposed to follow the end of the Cold War remain mostly aspirational.” His call for Assange’s assassination, in the context of his support for globalist neoliberalism, is largely unsurprising and predictable.

The sheer volume of threats to Assange’s life from those who profess liberalism and support for human rights was astounding to this author. Not only was the number of threats sickening, but the vitriol with which they were expressed, including calling for Assange to be tortured and for his children to be killed, goes fundamentally against every value that so-called liberals theoretically support. This comes as no surprise to many, however, with independent journalists including  Caitlin Johnstone having previously observed that many establishment democrats more closely resemble neoconservatives than the most basic characteristics of Democratic or liberal ideology. It appears strikingly clear that in the current climate, party affiliation matters less than loyalty to the interests of the American deep state.

8 Thoughts on “Assange Compiles Media Figures, Establishment Democrats Calling For His Death”

  • he is slowly developing himself as a good leader of the People’s movement, we need someone like Assange to lead us since Bernie’s departure we are headless.

  • What’s, at the very least, sad is how many very educated people use “Liberal” as though it were synonymous with Democrat, the latter of which’ve given Mr Assange every reason to fear and loathe them, especially former SOS & presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

  • Great article Liz! You really write well. The case concerning Assange vaguely reminds me of the case against ant-war poet Ezra Pound. DC had him extradited back from Europe & threw him into St. Elizabeth’s Mental Institution for the crime of “having an opinion” and revealing facts. (Soviet tactics) Pound exposed the truth about the Federal Reserve as well, so they really hated him with a burning passion. His friend Eustace Mullins later wrote the very first (& bestselling) book on the Fed. Keep up the great work… The truth will prevail!

    • Pound went to Italy, supported both Mussolini and Hitler while the United States was at war (declared on the US by Germany). He was paid for radio broadcasts in support of the Axis and against the USA. His lawyer had him committed in order to have him avoid having to face treason charges. It’s one thing to express opinions, no matter how evil, it’s another to do so while working for your country’s enemy.

      • Pound hated war and detected a particular undercurrent in the previous wars of history. Wars, he said, were destructive to nation-states, but profitable for the special interests. Pound said international bankers–Jewish bankers, in particular–were those who were the primary beneficiaries of the profits of from war. He pulled no punches when he declared:

        Sometime the Anglo-Saxon may awaken to the fact that . . . nations are shoved into wars in order to destroy themselves, to break up their structure, to destroy their social order, to destroy their populations. And no more flaming and flagrant case appears in history than our own American Civil War, said to be an occidental record for size of armies employed and only surpassed by the more recent triumphs of [the Warburg banking family:] the wars of 1914 and the present one.

        Although World War II itself was much on Pound’s mind, the poet’s primary concern, referenced repeatedly throughout his broadcasts, was the issue of usury and the control of money and economy by private special interests. “There is no freedom without economic freedom,” he said. “Freedom that does not include freedom from debt is plain bunkum. It is fetid and foul logomachy to call such servitude freedom . . .Yes, freedom from all sorts of debt, including debt at usurious interest.” Usury, he said, was a cause of war throughout history.

        In Pound’s view understanding the issue of usury was central to understanding history:

        Until you know who has lent what to whom, you know nothing whatever of politics, you know nothing whatever of history, you know nothing of international wrangles. The usury system does no nation . . . any good whatsoever. It is an internal peril to him who hath, and it can make no use of nations in the play of international diplomacy save to breed strife between them and use the worst as flails against the best. It is the usurer’s game to hurl the savage against the civilized opponent. The game is not pretty, it is not a very safe game. It does no one any credit.

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