Politics and Profits Politics & Profits TV Exclusive! Ethan Lyle, Managing Editor- Disobedientmedia.com discusses the findings from a computer forensics expert that the DNC files were copied locally and not hacked with Rick on Politics and Profits.


Source: P&P TV Exclusive: Forensic Investigator Says DNC Computer Hacked Locally! – Rick Amato

5 Thoughts on “Forensic Investigator Says DNC Computer Hacked Locally! ”

  • Add to this the new information we have about agency capability in tricking forensics investigators into belief that some hack payload = “Russian”, then you have a compelling case to drop this idea that we KNOW how DNC was hacked:

    This Zerohedge article discusses CIA tools used to obfuscate (fake other countries origin) in creating hack payloads (the bits of software used to actually compromise computer systems and networks).


    There is simply no way that we can support “It was definitely the Russians”. It’s just not possible. Also, this forensic work (I’m also a programmer, and I reviewed all the report; it makes sense, there is nothing goofy or strange here at all) shows that it’s very likely someone using a local computer downloaded the data from the DNC. This means someone on THEIR NETWORK, not remoting in like a foreign hacker would be doing, obtained the file copies which wound up in the Guccifer 2.0 load, and later in the Wikileaks.

  • Yep, it was from those pesky pseudo Russian hackers located at either Langley or Fort Meade using the CIA hacking tools that they supposedly…”lost” that could make it look like anybody they wanted to frame was doing the hacking at any location they pick. One thing’s for sure – it was NOT the Russians doing the hacking.

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