Lt. Colonel Tony Schaffer alleged on Fox News this evening that the Awan brothers may have aided Debbie Wasserman Schultz in making bizarre voice modulated phone calls to the offices of attorneys currently pursuing a litigating a class action lawsuit against Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC. If substantiated, the claims may have significance for the DNC fraud lawsuit proceedings, and add to the growing controversy surrounding the recent arrest of Imran Awan on bank fraud charges.

Jared Beck, and attorney litigating the DNC Fraud Lawsuit noted on Twitter:

Disobedient Media‘s previous coverage of the DNC fraud lawsuit discussed ominous phone calls received by the Becks’ offices. The individual called the Becks using a voice modulator with a caller ID corresponding to the Aventura offices of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The Becks referral to the ominous phone calls  to the D.C. Capital police is potentially extremely significant in terms of both the DNC fraud lawsuit and the degree to which Imran Awan may have engaged in potentially illegal activity while serving in his role as an IT staffer. This came after a string of concerning events surround the suit which eventually resulted in the Becks unsuccessfully seeking legal protection for themselves and others involved in the suit. The the former DNC chairwoman’s representatives denied the call had been made by Schultz or an associated party.

Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer appeared on Fox New’s Tucker Carlson where he made allegations that Imran Awan had helped Schultz make the disturbing phone call to the Beck’s legal offices. Schaffer also discussed concerns regarding sensitive information that the Awans were privy to during their employment by the DNC. In discussing the Becks, Schaffer commented that Schultz had employed the brothers to do “hideous things behind the scenes… they helped her make voice change calls…” Schaffer added that the sensitive information the Awans had access to were stored in a third database, which he said is now being called a “breach.”

If it is confirmed that the Awans helped Schultz contact the law offices of the Becks, this could have significant implications for the DNC Fraud lawsuit. Unsolicited contact from Schultz to the Becks would be highly improper. Such phone calls were one in a string of apparently threatening conduct by Schultz and her associated. The former DNC chair was reported to have threatened the U.S. Capital chief of police with “consequences” in a heated exchange after he refused to surrender a laptop seized from Imran Awan.

Disobedient Media previously discussed concerns that the Awans may have leaked sensitive data related to their service for Schultz and the DNC. Schaffer alleged that a “foreign intelligence service” may have been the recipient of the leaked information, referring specifically to the Muslim Brotherhood, which he speculated was what had prompted FBI involvement in the case beyond the initial wire fraud charges.

Disobedient Media will continue to provide coverage of this important case as it unfolds.

6 Thoughts on “Fox Airs Allegations That Awans Aided Schultz With Voice Altered Phone Calls”

  • “Reported to have threatened the US Capitol Chief of Police with ‘consequences'”?

    I’ve seen the video multiple times. She clearly did exactly that.

  • Maybe a pathway to what was on Hillbillarys server, follow the trail. Shultz may want to consider leaving the country now before they start finding out what’s on all those hard drives. Just because you smash a laptop, doesn’t mean you destroyed the hard drive. I’ve done a lot of hardware work on systems, you can take the disc out a hardrive and put them in another and find out what’s on them.

  • Why am I reminded of the bungled Watergate break-in of the DNC offices where Liddy and his “plumbers” forgot to remove the tape holding back the locking mechanism of a picked door lock? If not for that one assine, amateurish gaffe, Nixon would have served two full terms as POTUS and likely hailed as one of the greatest American Presidents….

    But then again, there are way too many current similar gaffes of the anti-Trump forces to keep track of. There is now a daily dripping of new illegal allegations which we’re being told by multiple credible sources is just the BEGINNING of a full unraveling….

    Had I the skill, I would create an awesome “Dutch Boy Finger in the Dam” meme….

    But that won’t happen as I’m too busy eating popcorn….

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