Donald Trump has transmitted to Congress a notification of his intent to continue a state of national emergency first declared in 2011 concerning threats posed by transnational criminal organizations to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States. The notification was published in the Congressional Record on July 24th, 2017. The order notes that transnational criminal organizations have become increasingly entrenched in the operations of foreign governments and financial systems, to the extent that they pose an existential threat to the integrity of the international financial and political community.

Text of the notification to Congress

The original executive order, number 13581, was issued by then President Barack Obama on July 24, 2011. The order authorized the blocking of property and assets belonging to transnational crime groups, including the Russian Brother’s Circle, Italian crime syndicate the Camorra, the Japanese Yakuza and Mexico’s Los Zetas cartel.

Under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Trump administration has repeatedly stated its resolve to combat international criminal operations engaging in activities such as drug, weapons and human trafficking in the United States.

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  • What about busting the Clinton mafia, the controlling bloodline families, the international bankster fascist cartel, the criminal members of the Congress of the United States, and the muscle for all the above…the CIA, as well as the “full spectrum dominance” surveillance arm…the NSA???? Or is the problem that the “transnational criminal organizations” Trump means to combat are in actuality COMPETITION to the trafficking, treasonous and illegal activities of Clintons, banksters, black nobility, Congressmen and their intelligence thugs?

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