Disobedient Media’s Editor in Chief William Craddick has appeared on Rick Amato’s Politics & Profits to discuss media censorship and the DNC Lawsuit. Disobedient Media has consistently covered the suit, which has been marked by obstruction by the DNC, harassment of key figures in the case and the untimely death of a witness. Mr. Craddick appeared alongside Lydie Denier, the fiancé of Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

The segment can be watched below:

3 Thoughts on “WATCH: Disobedient Media On Politics & Profits To Discuss Media Censorship, DNC Lawsuit”

  • Esta corrupción y engaño de los medios tradicionales de comunicación no solo afectan a la sociedad Norteamericana. Afectan, engañan y manipulan a toda la humanidad.

  • I appreciate the reporting you do here. It’s remarkable a class action lawsuit concerning the nuts and bolts of how we select a president has been ignored. While, at the same time, a phony Russia narrative pertaining to the exact same issue has received more coverage than WWII.

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