After Disobedient Media‘s coverage of threats against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Wikileaks Task Force tweeted regarding our report of Democratic party loyalists that had participated in threatening him directly. Notable among those was Evan Ross, who was revealed by this author to have posed with former Democratic presidential candidates Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton as well as with Al Gore, and members of the legacy media.

At the time of writing, Ross has publicly stated in Floridian news reports that he not only stands by his wish to personally murder Snowden and Assange, but views this stance as “patriotic.”

Evan Ross had stated his desire to personally shoot Assange and Edward Snowden via twitter.

Ross is an “awarded” Young Democrat that has served as District Chairman for the Democratic Party in Miami-Dade. Politico  referred to Ross as a “Democratic Party member and consultant.” Press reports published today state that Ross had at one time had an ethics complaint brought against him, but that the allegations had been dismissed.

That a member of the Democratic Party would not only make death threats but stand by them is indicative of the violence with which the party has responded to Wikileaks’ publication of the DNC emails last year.

The DNC Fraud Lawsuit, which names both the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is being litigated in Southern Florida. Attorneys filing the suit against the DNC recently sought protection after receiving a series of irregular phone calls and a reported break-in in a plaintiff’s home. Disobedient Media reported that the Becks had filed a motion which cited the death of federal witness Shawn Lucas, as well as that of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich. Disobedient Media has provided ongoing coverage of the lawsuit, including a report on calls the attorneys litigating the case received from a number revealed to have been registered to Schultz’s Aventura office.

This is significant, as Evan Ross had posted an image of the disgraced former DNC chairwoman speaking at an event in 2012. That Ross, a individual who offered to personally shoot Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, would be revealed to have such close personal connections with multiple figures in the scandalous Democratic Party, serves as another example in a trend of violent threats made by Democratic Party members and affiliates against Wikileaks after their publication of the DNC emails last year.

Ross had evidently posted selfies with unsuccessful Democratic Presidential candidates on numerous social media accounts:

Ross had also published photographs of himself with Chuck Todd, moderator of MSNBC’s Meet The Press. Todd had been exposed in a number of DNC emails published by Wikileaks, where he was revealed to have collaborated with the DNC. In a leaked email, Todd had discussed media coverage of Democratic super-delegates with members of the DNC. Todd’s association with an individual who later called for Assange’s execution shows further disturbing overlap between the those who have called for violence against Assange, the Democratic party and a legacy media.

Ironically, Ross had subtitled the instagram post with Todd with the phrase: “A fantastic session on the future of tech in government.” The statement struck this author as particularly apt considering the role of technology in the recent spectacular failures of the Democratic party revealed by the publication of the DNC emails.

Todd was also mentioned by Caitlin Johnstone in her recent article discussing the legacy media establishment, where she cited Todd referring to what he called a “war on the truth” by President Trump. In light of Todd’s association with the reviled DNC and Evan Ross, who publicly threatened whistleblowers and publishers of  ‘the truth,’ the statement is particularly ripe with irony.

This author’s commentary on Assange’s compilation of death threats he has received directed towards himself, his staff, and Wikileaks sources  can be heard below.


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