Earlier today it was revealed that the Department of Justice has obtained a search warrant ordering a web-hosting service to allow law enforcement to retrieve data relating to ANTIFA protests which took place earlier this year around Trump’s inauguration.

The DOJ is seeking information concerning the website disruptj20.org, such as the IP addresses, names, and other personal information relating to the websites’ visitors.

Disruptj20.org was initially launched on November 11, 2016, with the intent to protest and disrupt Trump’s inauguration. The group attempted to blockade a bridge and shut down security checkpoints during the event.

Organizers of the event included Alli McCracken, of the progressive organization Code Pink, as well as Legba Carrefour, a self-described “glam anarchist who organizes a metric fuckton of protests.”

Carrefour had helped organize a class just prior to inauguration, titled “Getting Arrested 101.” During the class, a lawyer provided tips to protestors in case of their arrest. Carrefour stated that the group was prepared for “confrontations” with the police, describing one action as, “an ‘anti-capitalist’ march, with a ‘fierce’ and ‘confrontational’ tone. Carrefour went on to state that the protests were intended to disrupt the “peaceful transition of power”.


Carrefour helped organize other events, including an attempt to sabotage the “Deploraball” using Butyric Acid, which led to the arrests of three protestors on charges of conspiracy to commit assault.

At the time, Project Veritas  exposed D.C. ANTIFA and Carrefour’s plan to disrupt the inauguration by chaining cars to trains in D.C. in hopes of shutting down the metro system. In January Disobedient Media also reported controversial pro pedophilia statements made by a high-profile ANTIFA member, Luke Khun, who helped plan ANTIFA’s attempt to disrupt inaugural festivities.

Supporters of Disruptj20 included activist Michael Moore, who tweeted his support for the groups’ efforts: “Disrupt the Inauguration. The Majority have spoken – by nearly 2.7 million votes &counting! Silence is not an option”.

During the event, rioters destroyed businesses, set a limousine on fire, and even vandalized the vehicle of former CNN host Larry Kings. In the end, police arrested nearly 217 protestors, with 6 police officers receiving injuries.

6 Thoughts on “DOJ Obtains Warrant On ANTIFA Inauguration Protesters”

  • I am not to happy with the DOJ collecting that type of info on Americans. I do not particullary like Google and Facebook doing it either. How then do you cope with these types of problems. Open discussion would be the best. But the majority of MSM will not publish the truth any more. It does not fit their narrative. I just hope Trump decides to take the gloves off and openly discuss the lies that the MSM and politicians are now doing. Tweet everything Donald. At every news event bring up the lies and how the Democrats are stirring up people to riot and break the law. Since Politicians do not seem to be able to be sued for instigating violence. I do think if Trump can make it to the mid-term elections. The people will speak again and take out the anti-freedom Democrats and Republicans.

  • Glad to see Sessions growing a pair. These antifa assaults are not spontaneous. I watched the Charlottesville march the night before the insanity…

    Sorry – it looked like Auburn University football fans. –Cargo shorts, deck shoes – Blonde ponytails and white tennis gear.

    It wasn’t until the costumes and flags showed up the next day that the for hire alt right and alt left went at it.

    This whole thing stinks of an operation…. by and for McAuliffe/Clinton and the neighborhood organizer

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