Disobedient Media previously reported on the death of Beranton Whisenant Jr, whose body was found floating off of a Miami beach in May.  New press reports announced that investigators determined Whisenant had committed suicide.

The conclusion has fueled increased speculation surrounding the case. Initial press reports stated that Whisenant had been found ‘floating in the water‘ on a Miami beach. CBS wrote that “officers pulled the body out of the water and covered him with a sheet.” It is unclear how Whisenant’s body entered the water after apparently shooting himself. According to local media reports, the gun used in Whisenant’s death has not yet been recovered.

The Miami Herald wrote that Whisenant had joined the Miami U.S. Attorney’s office just a few months prior to his death. Local police stated that detectives as well as the Broward county medical examiner had determined Whisenant died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

In May, the Miami Herald had reported that a friend of Whisenant’s had stated he was very motivated by public service, and that Whisenant had volunteered for the Florida Bar, planned to become a judge, and taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Miami law school.

Possible motivations for Whisenant’s suicide, or the reasoning behind declaring the death a a suicide, remain unclear.


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10 Thoughts on “Questions Remain After Whisenant’s Death Ruled A Suicide”

  • Say…what happened to the comments in this ‘thread’ as of three days ago…do that…removal…mean I should be looking for sorts of ‘canicide’ por moi

  • Isn’t this the 3rd dead lawyer surrounding the Wasserman Schultz/Pakistani investigation?

    I saw a video on youtube of a woman pleading for protection.. she was an asian looking woman who thinks the DNC will have her killed….. what gives?

  • No attention from BLM…an outstanding member of the community and certainly a role model for the youth in the Miami Dade area, dead and declared suicide without a weapon. A man upstanding in the legal profession with numerous successes…and no media clamour. Where is the juice?

  • Wait …what? Suicide, no gun …then mysteriously…somehow …dumped in the ocean? And the coroner actually graduated from medical school????

  • Well, no fingerprints on the exterior of the gun found in Vince Foster’s dead hand. No gun here, so safe to say no fingerprints will be found. Remarkable.

  • Ok so let me get this straight, the man shoots himself in the head , and they cant find the gun? Whaaaaat? Who they trying to kid here? What did he do shoot himself and then go hide the damn thing?
    According to local media reports, the gun used in Whisenant’s death has not yet been recovered.

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