Disobedient Media spoke this evening with Suzie Dawson of the New Zealand Internet Party , regarding the upcoming live drafting event of the Anti Spy Bill.
Dawson was forced to leave New Zealand due to government sanctioned harassment she received in response to her activism, and now resides in Moscow.

The Anti Spy Bill will be drafted live and interactively at 8pm to 11pm New Zealand time, which will be 3am CST in the US. It is the first event of its kind, and panelists will include Kim Dotcom and award-winning journalist Barret Brown, as well as Lee Camp, Lauri Love and others. The event comes in the wake of revelations that the NSA illegally surveilled Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom for years. Kim Dotcom was instrumental in the creation of the Internet Party, but resigned from his leadership role due to his ongoing legal case against the New Zealand government.

The groundbreaking event intends to draft legislation which will be shared with both New Zealand legislators and international human rights organizations. Dawson stated on the Internet Party’s press release regarding the event: “New Zealand spies and their international counterparts have engaged in some of the most egregious conduct imaginable. The laws passed under urgency in recent years have only furthered the sense of invulnerability of these spies. They also violate international law. We must show that where our lawmakers fail to do so, the public are willing to step up and address these issues themselves.”

The event welcomes participation and support from individuals around the world. The concerns which are addressed by this innovative event concern all people, as Dawson has expressed, with the advent of truly global monitoring apparatus that do not respect national boundaries or sovereignty. It is hoped that this event will be the first of many similar activities. Dawson told Disobedient Media that due to legacy media blackouts and censorship on this topic, social media has become a fundamentally important vehicle for communicating these issues and for acting on them.

Our conversation with Suzie Dawson can be viewed below.

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