Source: Virginia State Police Say They Didn’t Find Caches of Weapons in Charlottesville

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said police found weapons stashed by white nationalists. Police say they didn’t.

Contradicting statements by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the Virginia State Police say they did not find caches of weapons stashed around Charlottesville in advance of last Saturday’s deadly white nationalist rally.

In an interview Monday on the Pod Save the People podcast, hosted by Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson, McAuliffe claimed the white nationalists who streamed into Charlottesville that weekend hid weapons throughout the town.

“They had battering rams and we had picked up different weapons that they had stashed around the city,” McAuliffe told Mckesson.

“The governor was referring to the briefing provided him in advance of Saturday’s rally and the extra security measures being taken by local and state police,” Geller tells Reason. “As a safety precaution in advance of August 12, such searches were conducted in and around Emancipation and McIntire Parks. No weapons were located as a result of those searches.”

The Virginia State Police also disputed McAuliffe’s claims that Virginia State Police were underequipped to deal with the heavily armed militia members at Saturday’s rally.

“The governor was referencing the weapons and tactical gear the members of various groups attending the rally had on their persons,” Geller says. “I can assure you that the Virginia State Police personnel were equipped with more-than-adequate specialized tactical and protective gear for the purpose of fulfilling their duties to serve and protect those in attendance of the August 12 event in Charlottesville.”

McAuliffe claimed in an interview with The New York Times that law enforcement arrived to find a line of militia members who “had better equipment than our State Police had.” In longer comments that were later edited out of the Times‘ story, McAuliffe said that up to 80 percent of the rally attendees were carrying semi-automatic weapons. “You saw the militia walking down the street, you would have thought they were an army,” he said.

Virginia police have come under criticism for failing to quell violence at the rally, which left one counterprotester dead and more than 30 injured.

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  • And yet not a shot was fired. @Allalongthewatchtower68:disqus , you make an interesting point, although both the Nazi protesters and the antifa movement end up on the same side in Ukraine, but different sides in the US. The Maidan protests were not overtly Nazified, but Nazi thugs are attacking the separatists in Eastern Ukraine, placing them on the same side as the Ukrainian Army. The Phoenix demos should be interesting, as far as where it turns violent, and who sponsors the violence.

  • You see that picture at the top with protesters and cops interacting?? Go watch “Winter on Fire” a documentary streaming on Netflix that will show you exactly where that leads… when totalitarian violence meets a heroic population . It’s the story of what happened in Ukraine. It went from billy clubs to rubber bullets to automatic weapons that killed 185 Ukrainians on the streets as the protesters were infiltrated by nazi connected thugs released from prisons early and paid to kill them, To date, 6000 Ukrainian deaths have resulted from the whole Ukrainian debacle, which is still underway.
    It’s coming to the US now, folks.

  • The lying and well known deep-stater, Mc Auliffe, is part of the Soros-funded, Alinski-sourced attempt to create a MSM false propaganda message TO AMERICANS that we are hopelessly at each other’s throats and the country is at the brink of social collapse. This is to be the prelude to blaming Trump and impeaching him. Two birds with one stone. This is, even more disturbingly, the same Soros subversion tactic that has been unstoppable in a number of countries and has subverted the people and violently overthrown duly elected officials. The next step is to set up New World Order operatives. Check out the real history of Ukraine.
    The goal in the US right now is not only to use current political division (which these same forces and their media fomented over MANY years), but to drag out any long-past enmity that can be put into use to further divide and conquer us. They don’t care who’s right or wrong, they just want to separate us.The question isn’t who was right or wrong in the Civil War, the question is will we pull together to crush the real enemy who wants to destroy us now? The only way to stop it is for real Americans who understand what’s happening to turn out in huge numbers in support of UNITY and publicly belie the fantasy Soros is trying to use to destroy America.
    Ask yourself: How do I know that there are not Soros-paid agitators ON BOTH SIDES who are putting on this kabuki theater??? People know Soros is paying the left, but what if he is paying heavily armed fakers on the right as well?

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