With Category 5 Hurricane Irma barreling towards Southern Florida, the attorneys for the plaintiffs in the DNC fraud lawsuit were under much more pressure than usual in terms of how to proceed with the case. Very early this morning, Elizabeth Lee Beck stated that two major, positive events had occurred for the suit. A publisher has agreed to publish Jared Beck’s upcoming book, and a notice of appeal has been filed.

Disobedient Media previously reported on the dismissal of the DNC Fraud lawsuit, and previously had covered many of the major events in the case.

Beck also stated that a publisher, Skyhorse Publishing, has agreed to publish the book that Jared Beck is currently in the midst of writing, which will be a response to Hillary Clinton’s upcoming book titled “What happened.”

The proceeds raised by selling this text would help the Becks fund the suit through the appeal process, but are not an appeal for donations. The proceeds of book sales will allow the Becks to afford taking the litigation process as far as possible, but are separate from the suit itself and do not constitute an appeal for donations.

Most importantly, Beck’s update confirmed that a notice of appeal has officially been filed by the plaintiff’s Attorneys in this case. This means that, regardless of the  massive storm now barreling towards Florida, there will be no mad dash to meet the very sharply enforced deadline on appeals in the wake of the storm.

That the case now has a chance of reaching the discovery phase is a major victory in itself for the plaintiffs the Becks represent, and for the public. The case is relevant to many extremely significant cases and issues including the possible data breach of DNC Donors, the Awan scandal, and even Seth Rich. Discovery in this case may also reveal information proving that Russia did not “hack” or meddle in the 2016 Presidential election race.

The news of the notice of appeal having been filed comes as a relief to many, who view the litigation against the DNC and former chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz as one of the only avenues to truly address deep corruption in the Democratic party establishment which was so starkly revealed in the Wikileaks publication of the DNC leaks last year.

As Elizabeth Beck pointed out in her previous discussion of the dismissal, no copycat suits against the DNC have been filed in the wake of Judge Zloch’s dismissal. This means that the Becks’ suit and the appeal of its dismissal are still utterly unique in actually calling the DNC to account for its blatant and unapologetic corruption. It also sheds light on how few lawyers or firms in the country are willing to take on this suit.

Beck  stated previously that the content of Judge Zloch’s dismissal, which was based partially on jurisdictional issues, could be brought forward as “persuasive evidence” in a new suit or appeal. Exhibit A, contained in the notice of appeal, is Judge Zloch’s ruling dismissing the suit. The real possibility that the litigation process now has a chance to move to the discovery phase, is a major victory in and of itself for the Becks, their co-counsel and the plaintiffs they represent.

Beck stated that the official notice of appeal in the DNC suit had been filed. She stated that the extremely inflexible deadline in the face of the oncoming Hurricane Irma,  which may be as strong as category five when the storm reaches the Florida coast, had spurred the quick action on the matter.


Disobedient Media has closely followed the DNC Lawsuit, and we will continue to provide coverage on this important issue as it unfolds.

6 Thoughts on “BREAKING: DNC Lawsuit Attorneys File Notice Of Appeal”

  • If “The truth has no bias,” we must conclude the Democrats are totally corrupt but every other political entity is pure as the driven snow. Or maybe your pixel budget ran out before you finished trashing the Democrats and we’ll see the rest of the picture in the next edition. Maybe not. “The truth has no place here” is a better slogan. Or maybe, “Hey, lemmings, follow me!”

  • The case was dismissed without prejudice because the attorneys made several mistakes. These mistakes are detailed in the judge’s order. The judge’s order allows the case to be re-filed at any time before the statute of limitations end. http://jampac.us/dnclawsuit/

    Rather than simply re-filing, the attorneys are asking people to buy their book to fund an improbable appeal. If they take the appeal to the Supreme Court, as they say they will have to, it would take three years. This would destroy the case’s statute of limitations and the case could not be re-filed.

    Re-filing the case costs $350. It has 100% chance of success. Appealing would cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. The Supreme Court accepts only 1% of appeals.

  • Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz made claims that AWAN and his family “faced so much discrimination because they’re Muslims.” Right! So, why didn’t Mrs. Awan stay in Pock-ee-stahn, with the pickininnies and all that MONEY that her Democrat hubby had sent there?

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