Disobedient Media previously reported that the DNC Fraud lawsuit had been dismissed by Judge Zloch. Today, Elizabeth Beck, one of the attorneys for the plaintiffs in the case against the DNC, posted a video update on the suit’s status via social media. The update provided hope for supporters and plaintiffs in the case for the potential that the litigation might continue through the appeals process.

Beck explained that as judge Zloch had dismissed the case on jurisdictional issues, a new case brought in a separate court could potentially use his ruling as “persuasive evidence.” She cited rule four of the civil rules of federal procedure, which she explained states that in a civil case, the notification of appeal required by rule three must be filed with a district clerk within 30 days after entry of the judgement that the order appeared from. She explained that the thirty days will be concluded on September 24th 2017, approximately 3 weeks from now.

Elizabeth Beck went on to say that if no notice of appeal is filed by that time, then there would be no appeal. She recognized that many members of the public have expressed their desire for the case to continue, adding that it is the most viable route going forward, as opposed to new cases being filed. Beck noted that at present there are three law firms involved in this suit, including Beck and Lee. She stated that Cullin O’brien, a Harvard Law grad, and Tony Hernandez are both solo law practitioners with their own firms.

She explained that because of the usual terms of plaintiff’s contingency lawyers, the Becks have not been paid throughout the case; Beck emphasized on this point that her statement in that regard was not a complaint, but simply the normal routine procedure in this type of suit. Elizabeth Beck further explained that since the case had been dismissed, no copycat cases had been filed anywhere in the country. She said that the lawyers involved in the suit are in no way obligated to take the case further, and that they have never solicited donations to fund this case; it is not the way plaintiff’s contingency cases work.

However, Beck then stated that Jared Beck is in the process of writing a book, which will be in response to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s upcoming publication titled ‘What Happened,’ in response to her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential race. Due to the likely lack of content on the DNC lawsuit, the Becks considered it necessary to write a response to this text, and are in the process of finding a publisher for the book.

Beck stated that the proceeds of the book would serve as a legitimate way to fund the DNC lawsuit through appeals, if need be, to the Supreme court of the United States. She emphasized repeatedly that this is not considered to be soliciting donations.

Beck went on to state that members of the class are welcomed to submit their stories, which would be welcomed as inclusions in the text.

Disobedient Media will continue to provide coverage of this important ongoing story as it unfolds. The update can be viewed below:


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18 Thoughts on “WATCH: DNC Fraud Lawsuit Provides Update, Hope”

  • 11,000 views and only one comment. I want multiple copies of the book. Jared is so articulate, and on point. Please appeal this case. I’m one of your case members.

  • So how do we pre-order? Thanks for all the work of those involved. I understand the risk plaintiffs attorneys take when they represent a client. They can easily go bankrupt pouring money into a case, that may never financially reward them and few clients will ever pay them back for the costs they have accrued.

  • Writing this book about the DNC Fraud Lawsuit is a great idea! The lawsuit has been ignored by the media, so it will be a good way to get more attention. A way for other people in the world to read about the lawsuit and what has gone on since the beginning. By stating that the book is in response to Hillary Clinton’s book too, should also get more people to purchase the book. Genius!!! There are so many of us who appreciate all you have done and continue to do with regards to the lawsuit. If the sale of your book can help with needed funding to pursue the DNC Fraud lawsuit, then it’s a win, win! Thanks again for devoting so much time and energy to the lawsuit.
    Best wishes on your book☺ I will definitely be purchasing one.

  • Thank you to you and your law firm and associates for devoting so much time, effort,money, and courage to this DNC fraud lawsuit. Many of us are so appreciative! Thank you for being our voice, for representing us. I fully support your pursuing an appeal and will commit to purchasing multiple copies of Jared’s book. Thanks again, Elizabeth, for all that all of you are doing!!

  • I think writing a book is a great idea and hope that they will interview delegates for Bernie Sanders and people who worked hard to get him elected & the blatant worship of money we saw transpire with the Dem Establishment.

  • Someone should just start a donation fund, and spread the word to injured parties, and anyone else, who believes in this cause.

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