Disobedient Media previously reported on the Internet Party of New Zealand’s Anti Spy Bill events which have featured a number of high profile guests including Lee Camp, host of RT America’s Redacted Tonight, as well as whistleblowers Lauri Love, Barret Brown, and John Kiriakou, who was a signatory on the VIPS memorandum sent to President Trump denouncing the Russian hacking narrative.

The Anti Spy Bill events serve as an example of the growing power of independent media, which has filled the void left by a mainstream press that has been characterized repeatedly by H.A. Goodman as “P.R. firms” for figures like Hillary Clinton.

H.A. Goodman, the latest featured speaker at the event, is a keen independent journalist who has consistently fought false narratives perpetuated by legacy media as well as the corruption of the political establishment. He spoke with Suzie Dawson on a wide range of topics from Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, to the need for Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange to regain his freedom.

During the conversation, Goodman described what he viewed as the essential differences between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders’ platforms during the 2016 primaries. He told Suzie Dawson: “Bernie…wanted to break up the banks. He wanted to reinstate Glass-Steagal, he wanted to ban fracking, and to end quagmires; he used those words. And of course he wanted to implement single payer, which Democrats now pretend that they care about.”

Goodman continued: “The difference between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders; Sanders tackled structural issues. He wanted to end quagmires. He talked about transforming a very corrupt political environment; raised money not through Super PACS or a corrupt foundation like the Clinton Foundation. He went from unknown nationally to almost universal name recognition within a year.”

Goodman expressed that the Democrats are focused on pushing failed narratives instead of ‘speaking to the people,’ especially those in the rust belt, and at the expense of structural reforms which would have implemented real change. He said that, if anything, Hillary Clinton was advised by Bush-era neocons. Goodman also discussed the deep corruption within the Democratic Party which were starkly revealed by Wikileaks’ publication of the DNC emails and in the DNC Fraud Lawsuit.

Suzie Dawson, host of the Anti Spy Bill events and leader of New Zealand’s Internet Party, was forced to leave New Zealand due to escalating harassment she had received from authorities in response to her work. She has spoken out repeatedly against the selling of personal data to and by intelligence agencies without consent.

Dawson spoke during the event regarding those who voted for Clinton because they thought of themselves as feminists: “You get people saying of course I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, I’m a feminist. But Hillary Clinton is bombing as many women and children as she can get away with. That’s not a feminist… To me, the feminist movement is an anti-war movement, and anyone who attempts to co-opt it in favor of war and globalization is in my opinion, a fake feminist.” Dawson also stated that it was “frankly ridiculous,” to call people “Neo-Nazis for simply disliking Clinton or not hating Trump enough.”

Dawson also criticized Trump, while commented on Clinton supporters’ “cuddling up” to the deep state and intelligence communities, before addressing the large-scale racism of war.

Kim Dotcom, founder of the Internet Party of New Zealand which hosts the Anti Spy Bill events, is in the midst of a protracted legal battle that recently included revelations that the NSA had continued to illegally spy on him long after New Zealand agencies had officially ended their surveillance. He is currently fighting U.S. attempts to extradite him from New Zealand, and has heavily criticized the NSA for illegally using New Zealand’s spy agencies to monitor him.

Both he and Dawson have raised awareness in New Zealand and internationally on the severe lack of oversight regarding the U.S. government’s collection and use of civilian personal data. They have also spoken against the ongoing buying and selling of this information. To date, both Kim Dotcom and Suzie Dawson’s efforts have been minimally reported by U.S. legacy press; this gap has contributed to the rise for independent media figures, like H.A. Goodman, who continually provide important information to the public where establishment media does not.

The video from the latest Anti Spy Bill event is available here:

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