Evidence against the Russian hacking of the DNC is becoming inexorably difficult for authorities to ignore, as Adam Carter and former IBM executive Skip Folden are steadily increasing the number of prominent figures and groups they have notified of the latest evidence against Russian hacking narrative.

Disobedient Media has provided ongoing coverage of Adam Carter’s work, which has raised serious questions regarding the creation of the Guccifer 2.0 persona, which further undermines the basis of Russian hacking allegations. Disobedient Media was also the first media outlet to report on the analysis of The Forensicator, which called the Russian Hacking narrative into question. The Forensicator’s analysis and our coverage of it was eventually cited by VIPS in their memorandum to President Trump questioning Russian hacking allegations.

Carter reported that he sent a communication with the latest findings to over 150 London embassies of various nations. Carter wrote: “I decided to reach out to over 150 embassies in London in an attempt to bring the report to the attention of ambassadors and other representatives of nations. (This still leaves foreign embassies in the US and other nations that haven’t been notified though).”

Carter’s communication raised questions regarding Crowdstrike’s credibility as well as their conflict of interest on the subject of Russian hacking. Crowdstrike is a private cyber security firm, which Disobedient Media previously reported is the only entity to date which has examined DNC servers.

Disobedient Media also reported on the DNC having made payments to Crowdstrike that coincided with the unusual death of Shawn Lucas, as well as the unsolved murder of Seth Rich. The firm’s allegations of Russian hacking form the entire basis of widely reported Russian hacking claims, despite never having produced evidence of the event. To date there has been no known evaluation of DNC servers by American authorities. 

In the past, Carter has indicated his belief that leaders of Crowdstrike may have played a role in creating the Guccifer 2.0 persona. Disobedient Media previously reported Crowdstrike’s affiliation with the Atlantic Council, which is financially linked to George Soros. Crowdstrike is also financially tied to Google, which has come under fire recently for its alleged censorship of anti establishment media across the political spectrum. 

Image via Adam Carter

Carter has also published a report citing Skip Folden’s notification of the United Nations regarding the “Non-Existent Foundation for Russian Hacking Charge.” Skip Folden is a former IBM Program Manager for Information Technology, with over 25 years experience with IBM. His detailed report of findings against Russian hacking cites Adam Carter’s work. Folden’s statements add weight to questions that were already confounding the Russian hacking narrative.

 Skip Folden‘s article reads in part:

Via Adam Carter

Adam Carter reports in his latest publication that former IBM executive Skip Folden has now notified the United Nations of this evidence. This news comes after Carter’s statement indicating that he had notified over 150 different embassies of the latest evidence against the Russian hacking narrative. 

Disobedient Media previously reported that U.S. authorities including Robert Mueller had been notified of the latest findings. Carter had previously received very little response after sending similar communications to every US state Senator: “Only 1 of 100 Senators actually responded showing any proper acknowledgement of what they had been sent.”

Legacy press and pro-war factions have not given up on the Russian hacking narrative, however. This was evident most recently when actor Morgan Freeman was featured in what can only be termed a propoganda spot. The clip was produced by The Committee to Investigate Russia, whose advisory board includes none other than James Clapper, Former Director of National Intelligence. During the advertisement, Freeman sates that the U.S. is “already at war,” with Russia. 

Independent journalist Caitlin Johnstone recently discussed the background of the video’s creators. She wrote: “The Committee to Investigate Russia, an organization founded by When Harry Met Sally director Rob Reiner and neoconservative senior editor of The Atlantic David Frum.” That war-hawks like Frum would support the video is unsurprising, given its clear bent towards promoting conflict with Russia.

Given the increasing questions surrounding the Russian hacking of the DNC, such a video seems glaringly out of step with reality, and reminds audiences that the issue is still an important one which needs to be addressed with evidence. In this light, the work of Adam Carter, The Forensicator, VIPS and Skip Folden in raising awareness of evidence against Russian hacking is more important than ever. Although their findings have now officially been sent to U.S. and international authorities, it remains to be seen as to what results, if any, will be seen in response. 

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  • Nothing will stop Mueller now. He and his Leftist friends are getting paid handsomely for this ghost chase. Plus, he hates Trump and this is fun for him. The taxpayers are picking up the tab, so who cares?

  • Can only say thank you for your work and for your action evenso. We depend on people with your skills and with honesty and concern. Hope people in charge of the public institutions will follow.

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