When Elizabeth Beck interrupted a round of talking heads yesterday on CNN,  she spoke to more than the pundits with whom she shared a screen. Her words were imbued with an emblematic sense of power when she voiced the groundswell of emotion on the part of the entire country towards the ruling class, stating: “Why are you subjecting me to this?”

Before addressing the smears against Elizabeth Beck which followed rapidly after the event, it’s important to keep in mind that she speaks for Americans in more ways than one: both in her honest language on a cable news slot, and in her representation of thousands of voters who felt cheated by the actions of the DNC in the 2016 Democratic Primary race.

Along with her husband and law partner Jared Beck, and their co-Counsel, the Becks have undergone massive stress as they proceeded with the DNC Fraud lawsuit. Disobedient Media has covered the DNC Fraud Lawsuit extensively, including the serious questions it raised regarding the deaths of Shawn Lucas and Seth Rich. Alleged break-ins and bizarre phone calls added to the severe tension surrounding the issue  for all involved on the plaintiffs’ side.

Disobedient Media reported that the Becks filed a motion for protection as part of the litigation process last year, after a bizarre voice-modulated phone call was made to their legal office from a number corresponding to the Aventura office of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former DNC chairwoman and a defendant in the suit.

As Disobedient Media previously reported, the motion for protection filed by the Becks included the declaration of a plaintiff in the suit, who described allegations that her laptop computer had been tampered with, possibly by an individual who had illegally entered her home. Although the DNC Fraud lawsuit was initially dismissed last year, the plaintiffs have filed an appeal to the dismissal, and the litigation is ongoing.

After everything the Becks, their co-counsel and the plaintiffs in the case have endured, it is perfectly reasonable that they would express anger in response to cable news pleasantries. As Elizabeth Beck stated in a short livestream via Twitter on the matter, she was there to discuss facts, not bloviate.

It is also important to remember, as Beck stated on her livestream, that she had previously appeared on CNN numerous times without incident. Beck has also appeared on other cable news networks like MSNBC recently without any issues.


Beck recounted during her stream that CNN had told her she would appear in a one-on-one interview, and was surprised to find herself on a panel of pundits rehashing tired Trump-Russia narrative talking points. As an unfortunately captive audience, she eventually burst out: “Why are you subjecting me to this?”

With that phrase, Beck addressed more the pundits who shared the screen with her. The sentiments she expressed stand as a metaphor that represents the attitude of the entire public who have also been subjected to the abuses of the plutocratic class day in, and day out.

As independent Journalist Caitlin Johnstone wrote of Elizabeth Beck: “The firebrand lawyer of the DNC fraud lawsuit Elizabeth Lee Beck told me once in an interview a while back that one of the most challenging things about a fraud case for the victim is having the courage to admit that you’re a victim in the first place. She said that such is the hard-wired nature of victim-blaming when it comes to fraud that even now, the defense nearly always puts forward the notion that it was the victim’s fault for being duped.”

Just as Jared and Elizabeth Beck stand for the plaintiffs in the DNC Fraud lawsuit, Elizabeth Beck’s words spoke for all of us when she asked the heart of the establishment: “Why are you subjecting me to this?”

When CNN cut Elizabeth’s feed after she asked that question, it was a continuation of the same pattern that has been on a larger scale: the only response the establishment has, in the face of the truth, is to silence those who speak up for the rest of us. Whether it is cutting off Assange’s internet connection in 2016, or Google implementing algorithms that choke the audience of independent media, the power structure of the world we live in punishes truth-tellers and glorifies liars.

As Elizabeth Beck’s husband and Law partner Jared Beck expressed via Twitter:

Beck’s words were not singularly relevant to corporate media: a multitude of diverse subjects are encapsulated in Beck’s single phrase. Whether it’s the lead-drenched water in Flint, Michigan or the Dakota Access pipeline or unnecessary military intervention, the same question strikes a resounding chord: “Why are you subjecting me to this?”

Beck was silenced on CNN not because she had an “outburst,” but because she brought far too much truth to bear for legacy press to tolerate. The Becks, their co-counsel and the plaintiffs in the DNC Fraud Lawsuit case deserve ongoing public support for serving as the lightning rod for media ire, establishment bullying tactics and despicable silence surrounding their efforts.

I wish more individuals like Elizabeth Beck would speak out honestly on platforms like CNN. It shows the establishment for the bullies that they are.

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