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We Told You That Once The Establishment Silenced Assange, The Rest Of The Media Would Be Next: We Were Right

One of the key concerns raised by the recent censorship of Infowars and Telesur is that, although the two outlets […]

Deconstructing Campbell’s Smear Campaign Yields A Blueprint For Propaganda: Part Two

In Part One, we covered the background of the recent smear campaign published in Computer Weekly, and whose author Duncan […]

Opinion: On Female Genital Mutilation, And Its Victims

A parallactic observation ensues from viewing a distant object from different vantage points, thereby seeing the object framed by two […]

Deconstructing Campbell’s Smear Campaign Yields A Blueprint For Propaganda

Introduction On November 14, 2017, I wrote an article titled “RussiaGate Redux: Part Three,” in which I was critical of […]

Opinion: On The Latest Establishment Attack Launched Against WikiLeaks, Independent Media

Note: This article was co-authored with William Craddick, but all first-person references refer to Elizabeth Vos. Early yesterday, journalist Duncan […]

UK Parliament Publishes Full 2002 UN Report On Sex For Aid In West Africa

A groundbreaking United Nations report compiled in 2002 never saw the full light of day, until now. The UK Parliament […]

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