Whistleblower Michael F. McMahon Calls Out FBI For Improper Vetting

Disobedient Media recently spoke with Michael F. McMahon about what they called widespread, long term, systemic corruption in the FBI’s vetting process. He had a top secret clearance during the course of his service, but eventually resigned from the FBI due to dangerous vetting procedures putting the country at risk.

Rep. Franks Predicts Awans Will Get Immunity For “Significant, Disturbing Story” About Wasserman Schultz

Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) who appeared on Fox News recently, there may be more to Alvi’s return than meets the eye as he predicts that the Awans could be working on a broader immunity deal with prosecutors in return for a “significant” and “pretty disturbing” story about Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

BREAKING: DNC Fraud Lawsuit Dismissed

After months of litigation, The DNC Fraud Lawsuit has been dismissed by Judge Zloch. Lawyers Jared and Elizabeth Beck have long cited deep corruption of the judicial system as a potential reason for the suit’s dismissal. For many, this news serves as a final indication that American democracy is not only dead, but figuratively buried in a shallow grave, and forgotten.